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NTS urged to transfer control of more land to locals

Hello again if anyone’s still reading this!  I haven’t posted for ages…it’s been our busy season and I’ve had nothing much interesting to say about Canna or the aftermath.  But today there is this article in the Herald which is interesting.  Do read it.  The NTS were dreadful landlords to us, dreadful.  I’ve also had another NTS tenant contact me (not from Canna but from another NTS property far from Canna) having read my blog and all about our problems with the NTS, their staff and management, and their attitudes to tenants and to tell me that they’d been having horrendous problems with the management too.  The problem with the NTS is that it moves at the pace of a glacier before global warming.  There are some very entrenched people and ideas there and the snazzy shiny new board doesn’t seem to be able to make one jot of a difference, or doesn’t want to. 

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Anti-fungal diet

There.  Six weeks on the anti-fungal diet and it looks like it’s worked…just have to let the toe-nails grow out now and I should have nice healthy ones again, which I haven’t had for a very long time.  Needless to say I’m back on the wine, chocolate, bread, fruit, etc already.  One good side-effect of the anti-fungal diet….have lost 3kg!

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Good luck to the new families

Canna has a new family of residents and Duncan and I would like to wish them all the best.   I hope it works for them as I wish it had for us.  We would love to be there still living the life that we had planned, had successfully applied for and had begun.  I hope that all the new residents (the café couple and the family with kids) manage to avoid the problems we had.  Good luck. 


And when is MacIssac’s going to be inhabited again?  At the moment it’s a £250,000 white elephant and that’s not including the compensation the NTS probably had to make because they accidentally built it on someone else’s croft land!! 

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I don’t think this is a very good idea.

Bullies shouldn’t be punished.  I don’t think it helps because usually the cause deep down, dates from childhood, is psychological, and the bully is unaware that (s)he is doing unacceptable things.  Bullying is a psychological problem usually.  I really don’t think this ‘punishment’ is going to help.  Bullies should have treatment not punishment.  They should be made aware of the harm they’re causing but in an employment situation it should be the employer who takes the responsibility for their actions.

What do you think?

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My blog is 3. Happy Birthday.

Tumblr informs me that my blog is 3 years old :-)

This has got me looking back over earlier posts, especially the first ones, and has got me thinking about the evolution of my blog over the past three years. 

It has also got me thinking about the subject of the blog….our move to Canna.

And then yesterday’s article appears in the Herald (see previous post)….how very timely. 

With the help of distance and time from our short life on Canna, I can now step back from events and try to work out how the hell it happened that a family of four was forced (by the actions of its landlord) to leave its home and jobs with no recourse to anyone for any assistance.  You’d expect that sort of thing maybe 300 years ago or in a third world shanty town but not in Scotland in the 21st century.

Oh, and apologies to my readers who have recently complained that there are too many boring family posts and not enough Canna stuff.  It’s just that nothing much was happening on Canna that I wanted to comment about.  Now there is.

To follow…more on my reflections of my 3 year old blog…..

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A timely article in the Herald today…

Some of you may have seen the article in today’s Herald about some ‘internal review’ of the National Trust for Scotland.

What struck me most in the article was the words ‘should’ and ‘recommends’:   “…should no longer be directly involved…”, “…should be no fewer than 30….”, “there should also be [a] review [of] the role [sic]…”, the vacant post of the resident Property Manager should be discontinued….”, “The report recommends the NTS consider……”.

Up until now the NTS has listened to no one, disregarded evidence, closed ranks and done ‘its own thing’, even down to asking ex-management to conduct an ‘independent’ investigation to ensure a nice conclusion.  It is one of the most blinkered, biased and closed organisations I have ever come across in Scotland.  With this internal review I doubt that any of it will be heeded.  All the ‘shoulds’ and ‘recommends thats’ will go under the carpet along with the complaints, evidence and serious allegations that we and the other families sent to the NTS during and after our foreshortened lives on Canna.

I would love to believe, yet again, that this is the new dawn for the isle of Canna.  It isn’t.  The management is practically the same today as it was two years ago and that management failed completely to deal with the very serious situation in which we found ourselves and which forced our departure from Canna.   There are people within the management hierarchy of Canna (both in Inverness and in Edinburgh) who know the truth and who know that the problems our family faced were real and genuine.  Those people refused to publicly admit (for the sake of their own jobs or for another reason, I don’t know) that we were wronged by the NTS. 

Once we had left Canna we requested three things from the upper management of the NTS.  1) that what happened to us would not happen to other famlies.  Four months later it did.  2) that the NTS would accept that our reasons for leaving were real, and 3) an apology.

We are still waiting for the NTS’ apology and, with this article today and the internal review which it quotes, the time for that apology is now.

Other families may agree.